Frequently Asked Questions about Feminine Power 7-Week Telecourse

by Cami Elen

Hi everyone! It’s Cami Elen here. For those of you who haven’t connected with me yet, I’m the Program Director of our Feminine Power Global Community. I’ve been a student with Katherine and Claire for the last four years and my own life has completely transformed by practicing the Feminine Power principles that are taught in the 7-Week Telecourse.

Our entire support team is made up of course graduates — so in many ways you could say that Feminine Power is powered by Feminine Power — lol! We’re truly thrilled to have the opportunity to be of service to a global community of awakening women and participate in the emergence of what is quickly becoming a global movement. We’re thrilled to report that so far, over 600 women from 24 countries have registered for the upcoming 7-Week Feminine Power course.

We’ve been working as fast as we can to answer all of your questions about the 7-Week course that begins next Wednesday, August 11th — our email inbox has been overflowing and our phones have been ringing off the hook in anticipation of our 3-payment plan option ending Tonight at 12 midnight Pacific time. Click here to register today.

We’ve also asked Claire and Katherine to facilitate a Special Call TONIGHT, Thursday, August 5th at 6pm Pacific to answer questions you may have. See below for access details. You are also welcome to post your questions in the comment section below.

In the meantime, to assist you in getting all the information you need as quickly as possible, the following are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be able to connect with other women from my city/country in the course? Yes, on our Online Community Forum you’ll be able to connect with other women in your local area who are taking the course. In some areas, women are arranging live gatherings to listen to the weekly calls together. When you register for the course, you’ll receive all the information about how to connect.

What happens if I miss some of the calls? All the calls are recorded and you will be able to download them and listen at any time.

How does the class actually work? Every Wednesday night there will be a 90-minute classroom call with the week’s teaching and practices. Following that call you will have the option to engage in live discussions with other women in the course over the phone. The following day, the week’s reflection questions and practices will be posted in the Online Community Forum. You’ll be invited to be a part of a smaller group in the forum where you can post responses to the week’s questions and interact and receive feedback from other participants. Every Saturday there is a live Q&A call where Claire or Katherine will answer questions about the week’s lesson. If you’re unable to attend live, you can post your questions online.

Does the course contain video? No, this course is audio only with our Online Community Forum component.

I live in Europe and will not be able to attend the Wednesday calls live–how can I still get the most out of this course? We’re planning to replay the Wednesday calls on Thursday mornings at 10am PDT, then host a live, interactive session at the end of the call so that women from Europe and other parts of the world who cannot make the Wednesday session will still have the opportunity to participate live with each other. Everyone is welcome to that session who, for whatever reason, misses the Wednesday call.

Can I pay by PayPal? Yes, you can pay via PayPal, but only with the single payment option. Just email us at, and we will provide you with the details.

Do I need any special equipment? The only equipment you’ll need is either a telephone or a computer with an internet connection. If you choose to participate by phone, depending on your telephone service, you may also incur some long-distance charges for the calls themselves.

I am not computer savvy. How can I be supported to make sure I am able to get onto the live phone calls and the Online Community Forum? Our amazing student services support team will be standing by to help! We’ll be here to give you as much support as you need to get connected to the calls and forum so you’ll have the best experience possible.

In addition, on tonight’s Special Call with Claire and Katherine, they will answer questions such as:

* How is Feminine Power different from other transformational courses?
* What’s the difference between the Law of Attraction and Feminine Power?
* I prefer live groups and I’m not sure what the experience will be like online–what level of intimacy and connection can I expect to experience?

We’ve also invited some of our course graduates to share their experiences first hand about how they have learned to find their authentic voice, express their deepest gifts and transform their lives in so many ways through the Feminine Power work.

Join us to find out if and how this course is for you!

How to access tonight’s call:

To listen live via phone:
Dial: 216-258-0785
Access Code: 272072#

To listen live online via webcast visit:

Let us know what further questions you have by posting in the Comment section below!

Key #2: The Secret to Changing Your Life

by Katherine and Claire

To truly liberate yourself from false beliefs and the patterns of the past, you will need to learn to build an empowered relationship with the younger self in your body.

The first step is learning to connect with this self in a loving way that allows you to mentor her into making more true and empowered meaning of her experience.

Then, you will be able to respond to the challenges you face in powerful, transformative ways that literally catapult you towards the full flourishing of your life!


1. Close your eyes and drop your awareness down into your body, breathing all the way down into your hips and connecting with a very deep and wide center within yourself.

2. From this deeper, wider center, extend a sense of deep presence and care to the self in your body – literally enveloping yourself with a sense of deep safety and love, suspending any and all self-judgments or criticisms.

3. Ask yourself, “What are you feeling?” and listen for the response, helping the self in your body to accurately name a very specific feeling she is experiencing such as lonely, uneasy, ecstatic, or confused.

4. Mirror back the response by lovingly saying, “I can see that you are feeling….”

5. Do this at least three times.

Do this throughout your day to begin building a loving, caring and connected relationship between the different parts of yourself.

Share your reflections below on Key #2 The Secret to Changing Your Life.

We’re excited to invite those of you who would like to go deeper to join us, and a global community of supportive women, for our 7-Week Telecourse, Feminine Power: The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman, starting Wednesday, August 11th.

Feminine Power 7-Week Telecourse Participants Share Their Experiences

by Katherine and Claire

One thousand women from around the world are currently participating in the 7-week Feminine Power telecourse. We wanted to provide a forum for these women to share some of their experiences.

These courageous visionaries — from Melbourne to Minneapolis and India to Ireland — are being supported by a rich, nourishing community who are partnering together inside their commitment to generate a world where evolutionary partnership, co-creation, connection, love and fully flourishing lives are possible for all.

We’ve been so touched with how they are finding their authentic voices, deepening their relationships with themselves and others, taking actions that are empowering, listening to their body’s wisdom, and beginning to see a glimmer of the enormous potential in their lives. And we want to give them an opportunity to share some of their stories and ways they are flourishing and thriving using their co-creative Feminine Power.

If you are a current participant in the 7-Week course, please share your experiences with the program in the comment section below. Thank you!

Click here to learn more about the 7-Week Telecourse, Feminine Power: The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman.

Key #1: Sourcing Power from Within

by Katherine and Claire

The truth is that your life is primarily being generated by who you’re being, much more than by what you’re doing. Yet our focus is continually on trying to source power by managing and controlling the externals of our lives – our to do lists, our circumstances, our schedules, our finances, our bodies and so on.

We think: If only my circumstances were different, then I’d be able to have and create what I really want in life. How often have you said to yourself, “If only I had more money, more time, a better education, a better job, more support, more love etc. then I’d be able to live the life that I was born to live”?

Yet, the obstacles to the full flourishing of your life are not outside of yourself!

The barriers to the realization of your dreams, and deepest desires are internal, not external. And, more importantly, the source of power you need to fulfill them lies within you, and is just waiting to be awakened.

Feminine Power Practice:

  • 1. Make a list of all the reasons you are telling yourself as to why you can’t live your best life, realize your highest creative potentials and make your greatest contributions to the world (i.e., I’m too busy, I don’t have the money, I’m too old, etc.).
  • 2. Notice how many of them are external reasons. Just for today, let go of any and all reasons outside of yourself as to why you are not realizing your highest potentials and making your greatest contributions.
  • 3. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing your awareness to drop into your body. Move into a place of listening and receptivity, becoming aware of your deeper knowing and connecting to the part of yourself that holds wisdom and has access to power. With a sense of authentic interest and curiosity, ask yourself: “How am I the source of my current experience of life?,” “What choices am I making that are contributing to my current experience of life?” (eg. I say yes to things I don’t want to say yes to because I want others to like me, I choose to not focus on money because I don’t really care that much about it, I no longer put myself out there because I don’t want to risk rejection, etc.)
  • 4. What’s one new choice that you could make today that will give you access to creating a different experience right away?

We encourage you to show up today and make that new choice and notice what begins to open up!

Share your reflections below on Key # 1 Sourcing Power from Within

We’re excited to invite those of you who would like to go deeper to join us, and a global community of supportive women, for our 7-Week Telecourse, Feminine Power: The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman starting Wednesday, August 11th.

Welcome to Our Feminine Power Global Community, Please Introduce Yourself

by Katherine and Claire

Hi there, and thank you for being a part of our Feminine Power Global Community!

We’re so glad to have you join us. Please click below to play your special welcome video message some of our senior course graduates created for you this spring:

Over the past month or so, over 22,000 women from around the world have participated in our global teleconference gatherings where we have shared “The Keys to Feminine Power.”

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we’ve received to make these life-changing principles and practices available to as many women as possible, we’ll be hosting another LIVE call again this Saturday, July 31st at 11:00AM Pacific time.

The outpouring of appreciation for our work from all corners of the globe has deeply moved, touched and inspired us. We’re so thankful for your support and partnership.

We were also thrilled to launch our 7-Week Telecourse Feminine Power: The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman last month, which sold out before our start date with 1,000 women from over 36 countries in attendance.

As there were so many more women wanting to participate in this exciting program, we are going to offer another session of the 7-week course starting on August 11th.

We’ve been developing this teaching over the past six years, and we can’t wait to share with you all that we’ve discovered about how to awaken your Feminine Power to cause the full flourishing of your life. You are stepping into a vibrant community of thousands of women from around the world who have taken a powerful stand for the full realization of their potentials in all areas of life, and who are excited about supporting you to realize yours, as well.

One of the core principles of our work is that we can fly farther and faster together than any of us could ever do alone. It’s an extraordinary time to be a woman in the world, and we thank you for responding to the call to join us for this global gathering. We are committed to making sure you have nothing less than a life-altering experience on the call, and that’s why we’d like you to take part in this quick survey below.

Which of the following do you feel most challenged by at this moment in your life?

  • A. Expressing your deepest gifts
  • B. Accessing your inner wisdom
  • C. Authentically being who you are
  • D. Infusing your life with meaning and purpose

Please introduce yourself in the comments section below and tell us your answer, and why.

And if you have any friends who might be interested in joining us for the call, please forward them this link so they can register, too:

We’re excited to get to know you better and look forward to talking with you soon!

Claire & Katherine

PS – If you haven’t had a chance to read Key #1: Sourcing Power from Within already, we encourage you to do so here.