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You’re an awakening woman. You know it because you spend a significant part of every day working to improve yourself and your life, realize your creative gifts and talents, and participate in creating a better world for all.

You sense that we are at a turning point, and you have a unique role to play in shaping the future—and you are right!

However, like many awakening women, you may also feel overwhelmed by this calling and uncertain about the steps you need to take to realize your soul’s potential. You may still experience a confusing and frustrating gap between the rich possibilities you sense for your life vs. the reality of your lived experience and what you have been able to manifest.

Perhaps you:

  • Feel somewhat anxious or depressed in spite of being a conscious, committed, and caring person who has worked on yourself for many years.
  • Find yourself over-giving and over-doing, feeling frequently depleted by the myriad demands upon you, in spite of your best efforts to create a balanced life.
  • Long for deeper, more authentic connections with others in spite of many years of working to better your relationships.
  • Yearn for an intimate partner who matches your passion for life and is your equal in every way – someone who shares your values and vision to create a better world.
  • Feel alone and under-supported to bring forth the fullness of the contribution you know you have to make, in spite of having good friends in your life.
  • Feel pulled to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but have no idea how to realize your deeper potentials.
  • Feel called to begin a new project or career that’s about service and contribution, but don’t know exactly what it might look like or how to support yourself in the meantime.
  • Feel deeply disturbed by the state of our world, yet feel overwhelmed, confused and powerless to bring about the radical course-correct we all know is needed.

If you’re having any of these experiences or yearnings, the good news is that you’re not alone. Most awakening women we know are feeling this way.

It was certainly our own personal experience before we discovered how to access Feminine Power, and we’ve seen it first hand in the thousands of women who’ve come to us since. Most of us have been working on ourselves for years to have better relationships, to create a deeper sense of purpose and meaning, and to accomplish worthwhile goals in life.

Yet, while we’ve made slow and steady progress over the years, we still feel restless for something more…

Why is it that, in spite of all our accomplishments and years of personal and spiritual growth work, we haven’t been able to access the power we need to truly flourish and THRIVE in life?

Most of us think that the reason we’ve been unable to bring forth the fullness of our potentials for love, creative self-expression and great contribution is because we don’t have enough money, time, support, education or knowledge.

Yet, the truth is this:

We have not yet awakened to the kind of power we need to create those things we most deeply yearn for.

The fact that we’re still struggling to have vibrant relationships and create meaningful, inspired lives is not a personal failure. It’s actually a collective problem we’re facing together, symptomatic of the larger evolutionary story we are living as women born at an extraordinary and pivotal time in human history.

The restlessness we’re feeling is a critical calling—a compelling impulse that is urging us to evolve the ways in which we have been trying to access the power we need to begin living the lives we intuitively sense we were born to live.

The power we’ve been mastering for the last 50 years has been a masculine version of power.

Until now, power has been defined exclusively in masculine terms. If you look up the word “power” in the dictionary, the definition given is the ability “to do, to act, to accomplish, to wield command or control over others.”

This masculine power system has given us the miracles of science and the marvels of industry. It has enabled us to create an unprecedented standard of living and have opportunities beyond our grandmothers’ wildest dreams. It was a brilliant strategy for us to collectively take on mastering the masculine power system some 50 years ago, to level the playing field between men and women and emancipate ourselves from the tyranny of oppression.

Though there is still a long way to go, especially on a global scale, we have become the most autonomous, free, independent, educated, and powerful generation of women in recorded history. In fact, the yearnings we have for self-expression, spiritual partnership, creativity and contribution are high quality problems we’re now navigating as a result of our unprecedented success at mastering power in the masculine. It’s an odd paradox that the kind of power that has brought us to this point is not the power that we now need to move forward.

Indeed, if we look at what’s missing from our lives and from our world we can see that the things we most deeply desire—such as love, intimacy, connection, belonging, creativity, self-expression, aliveness, meaning, purpose, contribution and a brighter future for generations to come—can’t be created with a system of power based on control, analysis and logical, linear thinking, nor can they be executed with a strategic plan.

To create these things we need to awaken a different kind of power.

A New Kind of Feminine Power

While many people are speaking about a return of the feminine, it is both a return and an evolution of the feminine that holds the key to our personal power and planetary transformation.

The feminine of our recent and ancient past, however healing and nourishing, is insufficient to empower us to create those things that are critical for our personal and collective future. For the feminine to become a source of power from which we can create the future of our lives and the future of our world, it needs to be consciously evolved through us.

We need to awaken and cultivate a new, co-creative, feminine power that integrates and includes all the gains of masculine power, giving us access to a kind of co-creativity we’ve never seen in our recorded history. Most of us have had few or no models for this kind of feminine power and have no idea where to start to begin to cultivate it.

How Do We Source Co-Creative Feminine Power?

In our pioneering work with thousands of women, we’ve discovered and developed the specific principles, practices and tools that awaken this new, co-creative feminine power. The source of authentic power to bring forth your best life, express the fullness of your creativity, and have the biggest impact in the world is within you—just waiting to be awakened and unleashed.

Join us for our 7-week Digital Course: Feminine Power: The Essential Course for the Awakening Woman, where we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of unleashing the power to change your life, realize your destiny and thrive!

What participants are saying…

Click the play button below to hear from some of our course graduates.

My experience of life has been magically shifted through my participation in this course. I’m reframing my understanding of relationships as a powerful tool for growth and joyfully reconnecting with a deeper knowledge that life itself supports me. More than that, I recently self-reflected on the woman that I now know myself to be becoming, and for the first time in my life, I was able to say to myself, “I love this woman.” With gratitude,
-Stacey, Hobe Sound, Florida

I am so grateful for the authentic, profound, deep work we have done so far in the Feminine Power Course. The weekly sessions have been profound and life changing for me… We are the conscious creators of the futures of our lives as women, and this is where we move forward in our journey… I am no longer a “passive observer” of my own life, but I am pulled by my possibilities! … This has been a delicious experience that I wish would not end!
-Cheryl, Human Resource Manager, Youngstown, Ohio

When I was listening to the first call, I found myself in tears in the middle of the call: I felt like I had come home. I felt as if I had come full circle but not back to the same space, but at a level now, where what I originally wanted and started out to do would now come to fruition.
-Darlene, USA

Feminine Power… an unprecedented generative opportunity to learn, shift, expand and validate the transforming effects of your inner and outer work.
-Isandra, Peru

I am excited to be taking part in this 7-week webinar on Feminine Power. It validates so many of the thoughts and senses I have had for years around where our authentic power comes from. I have had many powerful and profound insights from the weekly exercises that have led to nothing short of a transformed relationship with my own life. Katherine and Claire are really onto something and the timing could not be better. With the shift that is going on in the world we desperately need the qualities and principles of the feminine to guide us through these challenging times. This program is not about making the masculine wrong or getting rid of it. Masculine power is valuable too. We need to integrate and bring about balance so that the feminine has a voice that is valued, cultivated and honored in the world…

I highly recommend this to any woman who is interested in finding and listening to her own inner voice. Your life will be transformed and you will feel the self esteem that is your birthright!

Rock on, women of the world!! Kindly,
-Robin, Transitions Strategist, Palm Desert, CA

Thank you SO MUCH for your wisdom, personal sharing and role modeling of how to co-create with life. I will truly be sorry to see this course end. It has been a highlight of my life. I look forward to listening to the calls over and over as each time I do I get some new insight. Love and light,
-Jennifer, Consciousness Coach, Lodi, CA

It has been an immense joy to connect with women from all of the world giving and receiving support in realizing our dreams. I feel an added strength and a desire to work with patterns that are not self-serving. What is important to know is that the course is so affordable.
-LK, Los Angeles, CA

I am now able to communicate more constructively and to generate success in every area of my life. I know now how to source the truth from my power centers and be well supported – by myself, by all the beautiful women in my small group and by everyone close to me. In this course I enjoyed being on this ‘cushion of care’ that Katherine, Claire and their amazing team provided for us…everything was easy to put into practice and easy to access.
-Julia, Konstanz, Germany

I have deeply appreciated the breadth and depth of Claire and Katherine’s course. I welcome the call to women everywhere to awaken to a new evolutionary role at this crucial time of choice. My deep gratitude to Claire and Katherine for having developed their own being and their teaching skills to the point where they can transmit their insights to thousands of women worldwide, giving us a vision of a new and conscious evolutionary role.
-Anne, United Kingdom

I am willing to take the next steps as the fear is no longer powerful enough to frighten, stop, or hold back the desire of this energy within me to move forward.
-Cassandra, Southern California

Join us for our Feminine Power
Essential Course for the Awakening Woman

7-Week Digital Course

We’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of unleashing the power to change your life and realize your destiny.

In just 7 weeks you will:

  • Understand your own personal journey inside of our larger, collective story of human becoming, to make new sense of your own lived experience.
  • Discover the source of Feminine Power within yourself, and begin accessing the power you need to realize your highest flourishing and thriving in every area of your life.
  • Master and embody the 3 Power Bases of Feminine Power so that you can live your most deeply fulfilled and wildly inspired life.
  • Learn to transform your limiting beliefs at their core and finally be liberated from the tenacious tyranny of the past, becoming free to unleash your highest potentials in life, love and livelihood.
  • Discover your true and impassioned purpose in life and begin magically manifesting all the support you need to fulfill it.
  • Understand the keys to creating ecstatic intimacy and well being in all of your relationships, and begin living in a continual state of connection and communion with those you love.
  • Embody your authentic feminine radiance as a celebration and affirmation of life, and effortlessly begin attracting those things that make life worth living—such as authentic love, community and a deep sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.
  • Learn to co-create with a dynamically alive field of life filled with possibilities, magic and miracles, and restore a sense of creativity, eros and playfulness to your every day experience.
  • Awaken to yourself as a dynamic, inspired agent of change and learn how to powerfully co-create the future of our world in a way that is uniquely yours to offer.
Session 1:
  • Discover how to source limitless power to create those things you care most about in life, true love, authentic intimacy, a sense of belonging, and the ability to unleash your unique gifts and contributions into the world.
  • Awaken to the deeper meaning of your life, and begin co-creating a future that lights you up and passionately ignites and inspires your creativity.
  • Discover how to access and begin harnessing the 3 Power Bases of authentic Feminine Power to cause the full flourishing of life for yourself and others.
  • Integrate and assimilate the gifts of Masculine Power we’ve learned along the way, evolving what it is to hold power in a way that fosters goodness, care and well being in our lives and in our world.
  • Discover how to partner and co-create with the Greater Field of Life such that you continually experience synchronicity, magic and miracles in your life.
  • Connect with and begin harnessing the secret power of the collective field to become the woman you were born to become.
Session 2:
  • Learn to relate to your experience in a way that gives you unprecedented power to graduate beyond the patterns of your past, no matter how deeply ingrained they’ve been.
  • Learn to connect with the parts of yourself that are holding the emotional centers of your most difficult core beliefs in ways that are sure to catalyze your growth and evolution beyond them.
  • Awaken to how life is happening through you rather than to you, understanding the myths and truths about yourself as the source of your experience in order to become the master of your own destiny.
  • Have an embodied experience of the deeper truth of who you are and what is truly possible in your life and begin generating a life that reflects this truth back to you everywhere you go.
  • Learn how to have an empowered relationship with your feelings and emotions in order to avoid the pitfalls of where you’ve been stopped in life before now.
  • Discover how to transform the self-defeating ways you’ve been showing up in life, and powerfully begin generating new and life affirming ways of engaging with yourself, others and life.
Session 3: POWER BASE #2
  • Experience a deep and profound sense of belonging to All of Creation, and awaken to an inner awareness of being loved by all of Life.
  • Learn how to access the limitless support and resources of the Universe with an authentic confidence and faith to bring forth the fulfillment of your greatest potentials.
  • Discover why feeling into our deepest desires from “Power Center” is vital to becoming magnetic to their fulfillment.
  • Learn how to magically co-create all that you most deeply desire in partnership with the creative energies of Life itself.
  • Come to trust your inner compass to guide all of your actions in order to realize the fulfillment of your own unique destiny.
  • Learn to use setbacks, delays, obstacles and disappointments to catapult you toward the highest possibilities of your life.
  • Become a powerful vehicle for the goodness and beauty of life to express itself through you and be an active agent of evolution in the world.
Session 4: POWER BASE #3
  • Discover the essential differences between ordinary friendships and evolutionary partnerships, and why you absolutely must up-level your relationships in order to realize the greatest possibilities of your life.
  • Why playing the biggest game you can think of is imperative for your success in life.
  • Learn why you can only become your authentic self and take your rightful place in the world inside of a field of empowered relationship with others.
  • Awaken to the true purpose of all of your relationships, and begin generating mutually empowered partnerships that will lift and inspire you towards making your greatest contributions.
  • Learn the secrets to creating ecstatic intimacy and deepened connection with others that will support you to come into the full expression of your power in the world.
  • Master the art of generating extraordinary soulfulness, authentic care and relatedness wherever you are, whomever you are with.
  • Discover how to collaborate and create with others to unleash limitless co-creativity to fulfill on our mutual potentials.
Session 5:
  • Discover the source of your true value and fall deeply and deliciously in love with yourself.
  • Experience a sense of safety and authentic confidence to shine your unique feminine radiance brightly into the world.
  • Learn how radiance is different from classical ideas about beauty, and discover the freedom to express and embody your own unique radiance fully, in spite of any physical imperfections you may believe you have.
  • Awaken your body to a radical experience of ecstatic aliveness, and begin experiencing a sweet sense of pleasure in the simple, ordinary moments of your life.
  • Learn the differences between being a woman and being a little girl and experience a new sense of authentic power in your romantic relationships.
  • Discover how to express the fullness of your power in ways that are magnetic to men and evoke their service, devotion, support and honor.
  • Learn why authentic self-expression is essential to fulfilling on the higher purpose of our romantic unions, and begin experiencing deep, dynamic and ecstatic love and partnership.
  • Learn to celebrate the power and unique radiance of all women, encouraging your sisters everywhere to rise to the fullness of who they are, and experiencing that level of support in return.
Session 6:
  • Become thoroughly and radically alive inside of a commitment to stand for the realization of your potentials in a way you may never have done before.
  • Understand why life responds to who we are being, more than to what we are doing and how this is the secret to generating a magical field of synchronicity and support for all you are up to in life.
  • Learn to source your sense of self from the future instead of from the present or the past, and why living from this center is critical to manifesting the life you are committed to creating.
  • Begin living in preparation for the future you are standing for, rather than attempting to fix the past, and catapult your process of rapid, lasting transformation.
  • Start generating structures to receive the future you desire, weaving a magnetic field to support the fulfillment of your desires.
  • Learn the key to generating unparalleled support from others and from Life to fully blossom, flourish and thrive.
  • Learn how to live on the ever-emerging edge of creative possibility.
  • Awaken to yourself as the very creative energy of the Life Force itself, and begin unleashing your magic upon the world.
  • Understand yourself as an integral part of the larger story of humanity’s courage, creativity and ever-emergent expression, and experience a whole new level of inspiration and belonging.
  • Become lit up and passionately inspired inside of an alive, dynamic vision of our collective human becoming that is beyond your wildest imaginings.
  • Begin sensing into the possibilities present in the field everywhere you go, and experience the magical power you have to midwife the unmanifest potentials of Life into the manifest world.
  • Learn why holding power together is the critical key to collectively causing the next evolutionary stage of human potential.
  • Wake up to yourself as a powerful Evolutionary Leader who has come to the planet at this point in time with a specific and significant role to play.
  • Recognize that the future of our world is up to us, and step into the fullness of your power and your calling to become an active agent of change.
What You’ll Receive…

Seven 90-minute downloadable Course Sessions with Claire and Katherine, including guided practices and exercises

In these downloadable seminars with Claire and Katherine, you’ll discover the principles and practices of Feminine Power teachings including the keys to Power Bases 1, 2 and 3. Each week of the program is designed to guide you, step-by-step into awakening the fullness of your co-creative Feminine Power.

These Course Sessions were recorded live with Claire & Katherine in the autumn of 2011.

You will be able to instantly access the recordings of all of the course sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).

Seven Downloadable 90-minute Q&A sessions with Katherine and Claire

In these rich sessions, Claire & Katherine dialogue with women from all corners of the globe, discussing the Feminine Power principles as they apply to one’s own unique personal life situation and experience. In these audios, they answer the most common questions about each course session to support you in integrating your learning at an even deeper level. Many participants report that these Q&A Sessions are an incredibly valuable tool.

You will have instant access to the recordings of all of the Q&A Sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).

PDF transcripts of each Course Session

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answers to frequently asked questions as you step fully into the Feminine Power teachings and principles.

Guided Practice & Reflection Questions

Each Course Session is accompanied by a set of Guided Practice and Reflection questions designed to complement your learning and to support you in truly engaging and integrating this process.

Each set of questions can be downloaded for your use along with the audio recordings and the transcripts.

Exclusive Bonus Audio Workshops

BONUS #1 – Awakening Your Soul’s Passion Audio Workshop with the Grandmother of Conscious Evolution, Futurist & Social Innovator, Barbara Marx Hubbard (Valued at $79)

Barbara Marx HubbardFinding your true vocation is one of life’s greatest satisfactions and joys, for when you begin doing what you were born to do, life becomes a magical playground of contribution and profound self-expression. Finally on the right path that will allow you to bring forth your unique gifts and contributions, you become liberated and empowered to realize your greater potentials in service to human society realizing it’s greater potentials.

In this audio workshop, you will:

  • Awaken to your own organic and innate leadership abilities
  • Learn how to discern which path is the right one for you that will allow you to fulfill on the possibilities you hold for extraordinary creativity and contribution
  • Be empowered to participate in the shift that is happening globally and discover the unique role you have to play

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a social innovator, speaker, author, educator and leader in the new worldview of conscious evolution. In 1990 Barbara co-founded the Foundation for Conscious Evolution through which she developed the Gateway to Conscious Evolution, a global educational curriculum enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next stage of human evolution.

BONUS #2 - Finding Your Unique Brand of Brilliance Audio Workshop with Co-Founder of the Human Potential Movement, Dr. Jean Houston (Valued at $79)

Jean HoustonA Social Artist is someone who brings the same passion and commitment that an artist brings to his or her art form, to the canvas of our human culture. We are, each of us, being urgently called to birth powerful, creative and resourceful responses to the social challenges we face today. To begin showing up in ways that reflect our own unique brand of brilliance, gifts and talents in service to the bettering of our world, and the creation of a brighter future for all. By awakening to the rare and irreplaceable contributions we each have to make, we can lead the way toward transforming and liberating humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.

In this audio workshop, you will:

  • Awaken to yourself as an inspired “social artist” by learning the step by step process of discovering the value of what you, and you alone, have to offer
  • Discover and unleash your own unique gifts and talents in a way that fills you with unbridled passion and joy and lights you up beyond your wildest imaginings
  • Experience yourself as an integral part of the collective movement toward the transformation of human culture

Dr. Jean Houston is a guiding light in the world. One of the principle founders of the Human Potential Movement, she is a tireless teacher, dynamic speaker, author, innovator and is one of the leading visionary women of our time. Jean is the founder and principal teacher of the Mystery School, dedicated to teaching and exploring the many dimensions of human potential. She is the author of Jump Time: Shaping Your Future in a World of Radical Change.

BONUS #3 – Unleashing Our Co-Creative Power to Change the World Audio Workshop with Leading Spiritual Teacher & NY Times Bestselling Author, Marianne Williamson (Valued at $79)

Marianne WilliamsonMany of us yearn to impact the world in productive, positive ways, and yet feel utterly powerless to do so. Not realizing the immense power we hold both personally and collectively to affect change, we often let opportunities slip by that could potentially cause huge shifts for the greater good—on a local, as well as a global scale. Each and every one of us holds the power to have a very big impact in our world no matter what the limitations of our current life circumstances are. And when we come together, and take a stand for greater levels of goodness, care and wellbeing in our world, there is simply no stopping us!

In this audio workshop, you will:

  • Learn the top 3 things that will most empower you to have a huge impact on our world
  • Find out why personal happiness can only be found by stepping up and taking on the collective well being of all
  • Discover the immense power you hold to affect change both locally and globally, no matter what your current limitations or challenges may be

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and bestselling author, as well as a passionate agent of global change. Her books include: Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, and A Return to Love.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital course?

We have developed this digital course so you can go through the course material at a pace that suits you best. Upon registering you will have instant online access to all of the sessions and bonuses.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection. You can stream or download all of the audios.

About Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward Thomas

Claire Zammit, PhD(c) is the co-creator of the Feminine Power courses for women and co-leads a thriving community of thousands of women throughout the world. Claire is a highly trained specialist in transformative education with a unique gift for designing and delivering dynamic, leading edge programs that give participants access to life-altering worldview shifts that lead to embodied and lasting change. Claire is currently completing her doctorate in the field of Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies, researching the life-changing transformations of women in her year-long Feminine Power Mastery program and her ongoing Feminine Power Living Your Destiny graduate program. She also holds a Masters degree in Social Ecology. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council & Evolutionary Leaders Group. Claire is the author of the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life and co-creator and co-host of the internationally acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries.

Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT is the national bestselling author of Calling in “The One”, and the lead trainer of the Certified Calling in “The One” Coaches Training Program. She is also the creator of the Conscious Uncoupling 5-week Process, as well as a licensed psychotherapist and the co-creator and co-leader of the Feminine Power transformative courses for women. Katherine is a creative and inspired transformative educator with nearly 20 years experience designing and facilitating leading-edge seminars that support the emergence of life-altering shifts in consciousness in both individuals and in groups. She is the co-creator and co-host of the highly acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries, which gathers thousands of women to engage the world’s most preeminent female luminaries, thinkers, scientists, artists and agents of change. Katherine is an honored member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group, which both supports and promotes a call to conscious evolution.

Praise for Feminine Power

Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas are leading the way in the evolution of the feminine for our time. In the midst of so much work on behalf of women, Claire and Katherine are of prime importance. They are offering the largest possible context to encourage us to give birth to the feminine co- creator, the woman who is expressing the process and power of creation itself. They have been blessed with a mysterious piece of the “holy grail” of feminine leadership toward the evolution of a new humanity within a co- creative society.
-Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious
Evolution and The Hunger of Eve

“Unique, original and inspired, Feminine Power catapults a leap in our collective consciousness, offering insights and brilliance from the leading edge!”
-Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason:
7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

“Katherine and Claire’s message-as-movement, at its core, is one of activation, responsibility, humanity, compassion, service, integrity, nurturance and excitement. They unceasingly hold the vision for women at the highest version of ourselves possible, for this I will be forever inspired by and grateful to them.”
-Alanis Morissette, grammy Award Winning
Singer/Songwriter and Record Producer

“What my dear friends Katherine & Claire skillfully transmit and teach is what the feminine is, and how every woman can activate its energy within her, thereby releasing her authentic gifts into her own individual life and into our world, and contributing to a cultural shift of literally cosmic proportions.”
-Michael Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation
and star of The Secret

“Feminine Power is a powerhouse of brilliant and evocative teachings that is sure to lead the participant into the new ways of being and doing that change both person, community and, ultimately planet. It is the Wake Up call from soul- driven leadership, the New Story made manifest in our lives.”
-Jean Houston, author of Jump Time and
A Passion for the Possible

“The movement to feminine power is the evolutionary gesture of these early years of the 21st century. With grace and beauty, Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit are providing the medium for this transformation, and a forum for the voices of the women who will make it so. There is nothing more important we can do, be, or listen to than the poetry of the feminine power in our midst, for, surely, this is what will transform the world. Thank you, Katherine and Claire for your steadfast strength and beautiful commitment to the cause.”
-Daphne Rose Kingma, author of The Men We
Never Knew and The Future of Love.

“Katherine and Claire’s Feminine Power teaching is catalyzing the most important SHIFT for women in the 21st century!”
-Rochelle Marmorstein, creator of The SHIFT movie

“Every once in a great while, a transformative teaching comes along that is so fresh and innovative as to reposition our entire worldview, invigorating us to new heights of possibilities in human potential. Katherine & Claire offer such a teaching, providing a powerful pathway of liberation and evolution beyond the patterns of the past, unleashing an ecstatic creativity and aliveness in service to transforming our lives, and transforming our world.”
-Rev. Kathy Hearn, community Spiritual Leader,
United Centers for Spiritual Living


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For help registering, write to us at
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