The Feminine is Awakening Inside of You

Discover how to realize the full potential you sense inside, and your life will never be the same…

As an educated, purposeful and capable woman, you have a sense of your tremendous potential.

You’ve been developing yourself for years: reading, studying, taking workshops, and working with mentors.

Outwardly, your life may look great, and you’ve been successful in many ways…

But inside, you’re feeling uneasy, unfulfilled, maybe even depressed and lonely, and you can’t quite figure out why.

And there’s a feeling of being on purpose, vitally alive, and fully engaged with life in ways that are deeply nourishing and satisfying, that still eludes you.

You may be experiencing “Unsung Song Syndrome,”
a kind of perpetual dark night of the soul.

But rather than this being an individual experience—or even worse, a personal failure—what you’re experiencing is instead a sign of a collective awakening.

As women, we’ve been cultivating a masculine model of power that has enabled us to engage in society at unprecedented levels of authority, to create businesses, to become politicians and leaders of organizations.

This has allowed us to achieve an extraordinary rise in our standard of living, allowing us to pursue a vast array of opportunities, and to contribute outwardly beyond what our foremothers could have possibly imagined.

But it has come at a price, because studies show that surprisingly, with all that progress and success, women have never been so unhappy.

Your discomfort and uneasiness is a sign of the Feminine awakening inside of you…

So many of us have been pursuing accomplishment, based on external measures of success, and this has left us depleted, frustrated and confused.

To succeed in this masculine system, we’ve had to suppress, hide, or simply never develop our feminine gifts and ways of knowing, our intuition, our camaraderie with other women, and our unique forms of wisdom and power.

The masculine system of power is insufficient to help us create that which we most long for, such as love, intimacy, connection, creative expression, supportive community, meaningful contribution, authentic success, and a brighter future for the generations to come.

The new research is so amazing that we have to share:

During this free downloadable audio recording, Claire Zammit, PhD(c), the internationally acclaimed leader of the Feminine Power global courses for women, will share the results of over ten years of research with hundreds of thousands of women from around the globe, her life-affirming insights, and the practices and tools that will enable you to develop your own Feminine Power.

During this powerful audio training, you will:

  • Discover how Claire developed Feminine Power in response to her own dark night of the soul
  • Receive Claire’s key insights from her research over the last ten years with hundreds of thousands of women from around the globe
  • Discover what’s really been in your way, and it’s not what you think!
  • Expand every area of your life by awakening your Feminine Power to resolve any issue so you can move forward clearly and easily
  • Understand how to generate the things in life that cannot be controlled, such as such as deep intimacy, creative expression, true prosperity, vitality and well-being, satisfying relationship with your beloved, and evolutionary partnerships with other women
  • Gain access to the 3 Feminine Power Centers that will give you the tools you need to generate the life you yearn for

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