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Welcome to the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership.

We are developing our new website and can’t wait to unveil our new suite of program offerings very soon.

Our program curriculum and learning design are informed by proprietary methods and technologies based on Dr. Claire Zammit’s decade-long doctoral research and work with 60,000+ women, and are tailored specifically to women’s developmental challenges and opportunities.

A staggering 70% of the audience for coaching and life-long learning programs are women.

Very few, if any, programs or methods clearly identify and address women’s hidden power blocks and the sea-change that’s happening for millions of women who are feeling the impulse to self-actualize.

The solution is the approach we’ve developed over decades, and we’ve formed the Woman-Centered Coaching, Training and Leadership to share it with the world.

Women don’t want to just achieve success anymore—they want to become themselves fully, unleash their gifts, discover their purpose, create deep intimacy and thriving relationships, awaken their spiritual potential, and make a difference in the lives of others.

The barriers to accessing the power to step forward into these possibilities are rooted in a different place than where most have been looking.

There’s a very particular way of coaching, facilitating, leading and mentoring that gives women clients access to deep and powerful results if they’re now waiting to create. It’s this method and approach that we teach in all our certification programs.

Core Skills We Develop in Our Programs at the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching, Training & Leadership

It is our mission to provide learning environments, curriculum, tools and resources that are created especially for women and can accelerate the rise of women ten-fold in this century.

We are especially dedicated to empowering women coaches, workshop leaders, authors, speakers, activists, change-makers, and course creators so that they can empower women through their own work and catalyze whole-system transformation.

Our Programs also focus on these key areas:

Self-Leadership & Self-Mastery
By developing these mindsets and skills, you’ll become an unstoppable creator of your own future as well as a role model for empowerment and self-actualization, and you’ll embody the transformation you’re offering in your work.

Woman-Centered Coaching Skills & Superpowers
By developing these skills and frameworks, you can deliver powerful results for women in one-on-one coaching sessions, VIP days, and long-term coaching.

Woman-Centered Facilitation Skills & Superpowers
By developing these skills and learning these frameworks, you’ll be able to convene powerful learning communities with cultures that ignite women’s potentials. This includes offering workshops, women’s circles, online trainings, masterminds, and more.

Group Coaching Skills & The Accelerator Method™
By learning this method and developing these skills, you’ll be able to create high-value experiences for highly committed clients to achieve extraordinary results in harnessing a group’s intelligence, learning, resources, care, and commitment.

Winning Course Creation
By developing the mindsets and skillsets of Winning Course Creation, you’ll be able to create unique content that produces deep, powerful results one-on-many, in both online and in-person formats.

Woman-Centered Business Skills
By developing these skills and frameworks — including Winning Fempreneur Mindsets, Magnetic Offer Creation, Ideal Client Content Creation & Outreach Strategies, and Woman-Centered Enrollment Skills — you’ll be able to create a business as a vehicle for your genius and greatest contribution.

Transformational Leadership, Impact & Influence
By developing transformational leadership skills, you’ll become a master change-maker who creates projects, programs, and more that have world-changing potential. You’ll unleash the power of messaging and communication to scale your reach and impact, and you’ll have the collective-building skills to create the partnerships you need to play your biggest game.

ENROLLMENT for our 2023
Woman-Centered Coaching, Group Facilitation, Leadership & Impact Certification Programs will open soon!

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Thousands of women have graduated from our programs and certification trainings and are enjoying rich and fulfilling careers.

Here are some inspiring stories from our graduates:

Pauline O.

A health expert from Nairobi went from struggling to get clients, to having over 21 paying clients IN NINE MONTHS.

Her online page gained over 5,000 supporters in less than one year and she had more that 70 women reaching out directly to work with her – with no paid marketing.

Julie S.

Julie had never launched a program before, and she got clear on how to build a woman-centered course on prosperity. She generated over $100,000 in a six-month period.

It has allowed her to pursue her passion of wildlife photography outside of the corporate career she spent decades.

Darcel S.

I was an entrepreneur who made several attempts to create a thriving business, but, I consistently fell short and believed I was not worthy to succeed.

The training helped me shift my mindset by unlocking old patterns that kept me stuck. Since then, I’ve launched a group coaching for parents of youth with autism and the impact has been priceless.

Patricia C.

Patricia had been working as a coach for years and getting less than ideal results for her clients.

In her words: “I thought I was pretty good at what I did, but I saw limited results. After I heard what you shared, I realized that there was something missing in the traditional coaching method that I had been trained in.”

When she applied WCC to her work, she saw her clients achieve stunning results.

She writes: “The methodology Claire has, I call it the Holy Grail. These skills have upleveled my ability to coach women in a way that I truly never dreamed was possible.”

Dr. Beatriz O.

As a Double-Board Certified Doctor and Professor at Yale, and a holistic endocrinologist with 30 years of experience, Dr. Beatriz O knew that health transformation required more than just medicine.

Dr. Beatriz used Woman-Centered Coaching skills to help her patients evolve to the next level.

“If you know what question to ask women, then it just unlocks and catalyzes your potential. Developing Woman-Centered Coaching skills, and integrating this in your professional work, helps you be more effective and increases the kind of impact you can have.”

And the transformation wasn’t just limited to her clients… Now she’s giving presentations to rooms with 500 doctors and getting standing ovations.

Eleanor L.

As an advisor to presidential campaigns, an Assistant Secretary of State in Massachusetts, a Yale graduate, and contributor to the New York Times, Eleanor was no stranger to working for large-scale positive change… Her book even has a foreword by the Dalai Lama.

But she’d put her biggest dream project on hold—until she was introduced to Dr. Claire Zammit.

“I’d had this dream about bringing together these innovators to show the emerging new world that’s already in our midst, but whenever I would try to do it, it seemed too big.”

With the support structure from Woman-Centered Coaching, Eleanor was able to identify what was in her way and move forward to live her destiny.

Callie E.

Callie was the CEO of a global corporation, and in her own words, she was still playing small:

“I was stepping into a new level of leadership in my life as a corporate CEO, and really stepping into a very complex playing field. As a woman in a powerful position, I needed tools to navigate complexity inside of the boardroom. I found myself dumbing down, playing small, and not speaking my authentic truth.

“Then I started implementing Claire’s practices and I discovered I did have the power to hold the space, and to make a difference. I couldn’t have made it through the deals and negotiations if I didn’t have these tools and practices to make myself visible and stop hiding.”

Sharon L.

“Even as an accomplished performer, performance coach, business woman, and mother to a wonderful son, I knew I wanted more. As an alumni of Foster Care, I wanted to give back, but didn’t know how.

My experience with the training has given me the framework and confidence to design programs for young women aging out of Foster Care.”

Kate M.

Kate McGarry is a highly-acclaimed, 3x Grammy Award-nominated artist with ringing endorsements from The Wall Street Journal to The New York Times.

She was also an in-demand vocal coach, but she was undercharging and over-delivering in her client sessions.

“After I developed my Woman-Centered Coaching, I raised my rates significantly and I got zero pushback from any of my clients.”

She earned her first 5-figure payday as a vocal coach empowering other artists.

Mona F.

Mona was struggling personally, in a culture of family dynamics in India that made it feel impossible for her to live life on her own terms as an unmarried woman pursuing a career.

Woman-centered coaching methods changed Mona’s personal experience, allowing her to build an incredible business for herself in the realm of finance.

And she actually made a breakthrough for her entire family’s benefit, even after years of tension over her life choices. She was able to break a multi-generational struggle between her family and the Indian government to bring millions of dollars of profit to her family’s business, after leaders in her family had been unsuccessful for multiple decades.

Now she enjoys coaching famous Bollywood stars as her time allows, while prospering in all aspects of her life and businesses.

Jojo B.

Jojo had hit literal rock bottom. She was faced with the decision of choosing to live or choosing to drink.

She not only chose to get sober, she made an investment in herself to become a Woman-Centered Coach and help others who were struggling as she had struggled. She’s now created a six-figure coaching career based on sobriety, is a published author, and the go-to expert in her field.

ENROLLMENT for our 2023
Woman-Centered Coaching, Group Facilitation, Leadership & Impact Certification Programs will open soon!

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