Make 2024 the year you step forward!

***EXCLUSIVE VIP INVITATION to Join the Graduate Track of our Brand New Platinum Program***

We’ve designed a pathway especially for you as a beloved coaching, facilitation and/or leadership graduate in our new program.

You’ll unlock all the incredible new elements & bonuses we’ve innovated and added to make this the cutting-edge, premiere professional development training in the industry to finally GET LAUNCHED or LEAP into your Next Level as you become a master coach specializing in women’s empowerment.

Our World-Class Coach Accelerator is designed for
these outcomes:

You’ll break through the next level of your own inner barriers to success!

You’ll develop greater mastery as a transformational wizard!

You’ll gain comfort and congruence making offers, doing outreach, and enrollment as a service-oriented value creator!

You’ll become even more visible and seen, even in a crowded marketplace!

You’ll leverage the RIGHT MIX of programs!

You’ll attract paying, right-fit clients!

You’ll LAUNCH or get to your next level of success!

Our new program has everything you need to take the guess-work out of your path to success ahead:

  • You’ll be propelled forward by an Accelerated Growth Container™ with women who are a dream to collaborate with.

  • You’ll have the Training, Structure and Accountability to embody the mindsets, strategies and skill sets of the Deep Work AND Great Work you’re here to do.

  • You’ll be connected to Word-Class Mentors, Coaches and Peers who are invested in your success inside a formal structure that ignites a powerful energetic field and unleashes the power and potential in us all — because we can’t become ourselves by ourselves!

  • You’ll leverage Proven, Research-Based Tools and Resources that give you the power to collapse a decade of growth into a single session with a client and witness breakthroughs every time.

This is what makes you unstoppable!

The brand new World-Class Coach Accelerator is designed to facilitate rapid progress on the proven Success Path:

Here’s an Overview of How the Program is Structured and What You Will Receive:


Personal Breakthrough Fast-Track

(Value $18,000)

Get direct support to break through the next level of inner barriers holding you back, and gain the confidence to step forward as the powerful creator of your future and as the confident, visible, magnetic presence your clients will be drawn to work with.

You’ll have the opportunity to retake Claire’s groundbreaking Feminine Power personal-growth program, weekly group coaching calls, PLUS four one-on-one Personal Breakthrough coaching sessions with our Woman-Centered Coaches so that you get personal support to identify and release your #1 barrier to success as a coach and experience the power of masterful Woman-Centered Coaching directly.

Repetition is your friend here – and by going through the course again with a group of peers and coaches you’ll gain an even deeper understanding of these personal breakthrough foundations.

World-Class Coach Fast-Track

(Value $20,000)

You’ll revisit the core competencies of a professional, World-Class Coach and deepen your mastery – at record speed.

In this series of 6 accelerated, live, interactive trainings led by Claire & our Senior Faculty, you’ll develop unshakable capabilities for Self-Leadership & Collaborative Learning, all 7 International Coaching Federation (ICF) professional coach competencies – including Communication Skills, Core Coaching Skills, and the foundations of Group Facilitation and Group Coaching – along with the foundations of Woman-Centered Coaching.

This deep dive will give you everything you need to start coaching paying clients, or the boost to quickly build your confidence in your work and enable you to get deeper, faster results with clients right away.

Launch & Monetize Your Fast-Track Offer

(Value $24,000)

This is the ‘no excuses, no obstacles’ fast-track to getting paying clients and building your identity, confidence and competence as a professional coach. If you’ve struggled in the past to get your coaching offers off the ground, it’s because you haven’t been clear about the simple ways to get clients and how to enroll them into a simple, high-value coaching offer.

We’re going to remove all the friction that stops most coaches before they begin and give you everything you need to get “lift-off” fast!

When we say no obstacles, we mean it!

You’ll get Claire’s high-value “Done-For-You” personal breakthrough Feminine Power Coaching Program offer that includes 12 digital copies of her Feminine Power course that you can enroll clients into for $2K+, and our launch plan, with customizable emails, social media posts, and a client enrollment script that is simple, easy and fun to implement.

You’ll get session templates and a client and coach manual, and you’ll have experienced every step in the process yourself in the Personal Breakthrough Fast-Track, so you’ll have everything you need to lead others through this life-changing program.

And the best part is that Claire is going to offer you a LIVE 1-Day Immersion Training to walk you through each step of how to find and enroll clients into this offer from your network, so you have an offer to launch whenever you’re ready! Plus, you’ll get even more support in your two coaching sessions with Senior Faculty that are designed to implement everything you’ll learn in Claire’s training.

If you’re already an experienced coach, you’ll have a new offering to instantly share with your existing clients, and if you’re a leader or change-maker, you’ll always have this system in your back pocket any time you want to earn extra income!


When you’ve completed the Deep Work Phase, you’ll have received the most credible, comprehensive training that qualifies you beyond traditional professional standards as a specialist in coaching women one-to-one and one-to-many who is known for generating wild success for her clients.

***If you haven’t yet completed your certification, this will be your opportunity to do so and elevate your credibility as a certified Woman-Centered Coach & Group Leader and be listed on the Institute for Woman-Centered Coaching Website.

Coaching Mastery

(Value $35,000)

To step into your Great Work and launch your dream business, you need to master getting results one-to-one and one-to-many.

This is made up of four components:

  1. World-Class Training in Woman-Centered Coaching, and Group Coaching & Group Leadership via Monthly Training Modules by Claire
  2. Weekly Practice Group meetings with a committed group of 3 – 5 peers
  3. Monthly Mentor Coach Practice Group sessions where you will receive valuable, actionable feedback from deeply experienced Mentor Coaches
  4. Coaching Demonstrations and Q&A sessions with our Senior Faculty

You Can ONLY Get The Skills You Need This Way!

The skills that will differentiate you in the marketplace and enable you to create life-changing results with clients can only be developed in a Woman-Centered collaborative learning structure with a group of true peers, coaches, and powerful mentors.

This is what’s been missing from any other Coaching Training you may have done in the past. (Even if you’ve done collaborative learning before, there’s nowhere you can experience it the way we do it!).

And having this experience will not only unleash the value of this program, it will deeply enhance what you’ve learned in any other program you’ve taken in the past, because you will finally unlock the skills you need, in real-time, to create extraordinary results for your clients!

The brilliant women you’ll connect with inside this collaborative learning container will motivate you, inspire your greatness, amplify your genius, raise your awareness, and become lifelong thought partners and collaborators in your mission to empower women and change the world (regardless of what “changing the world” looks like to you!).

As a result of this Deep Work, you’ll be able to master and embody the method so that you can solve bigger, more urgent problems for your clients – and get life-changing results – and create life-changing income opportunities!

Personal Mastery

(Value $30,000)

As a high-impact changemaker who coaches women at the level of self-actualization, your own personal breakthroughs are critical to your success and flourishing.

You’ll spend time together with Claire in Quarterly LIVE Breakthrough Group Coaching Sessions to support you in developing the inner capacities to become a powerful creator and a magnetic presence others are drawn to work with.

She’ll guide you to stunning breakthroughs in your own life, focused on Money, Relationships, Health, Life-Purpose, Visibility & Confidence, and Impact. You’ll also get to witness Claire coaching women to breakthroughs in each of the key life areas – and you’ll have the opportunity to be personally coached by Claire!

Offer Mastery

(Value $25,000)

The foundations of a sustainable, stress-free business are built through developing confidence and clarity about how to create winning offers, attract and develop relationships with your right-fit clients, and master making invitations one-to-one and one-to-many as a service-oriented value creator.

In our three 1-Day Immersions, you’ll release the idea that success “just happens” if you’re talented and gifted and have something to offer, and instead embrace success as something that is grown and cultivated through the skills of impact, influence and value creation.

You’ll also walk away with tangible guides that are designed to give you quick leverage in your business to get renewals, recognition, and referrals.


Now that you’ve done the Deep Work and developed the capacities of a World-Class Coach, you’ll spend the final phase of the program working with Claire and the Senior Coaches to create the assets you’ll need to make life-changing impacts for women… tap into a wellspring of limitless prosperity… and launch your Great Work into the world.

Credibility & Authority

(Value $10,000)

World-class coaches stand out in a crowded marketplace because they have developed a strong “personal brand” with language and assets that clearly communicate their credibility and authority, the people they serve, the problems they solve, and what makes them unique.

This phase will kick off with a LIVE Immersion with Claire where you’ll be guided step by step to create your own personal brand assets with the exact language that will draw in your right-fit clients and allow them to instantly recognize you as the guide they’ve been searching for, and allow you to become known as a go-to expert in your field.

  • Your Expert Positioning – You’ll crystallize what makes you a “BFD” (big freaking deal!) and craft a polished bio and speaker introduction that builds your authority by highlighting your own accomplishments and life-experience.

    Upon certification, you’ll be able to elevate your credibility as an expert and leverage your title and the power of the Institute’s name to magnetize clients, as well as networking opportunities, podcast invitations, speaking gigs, and more.

  • Your Right-Fit Client’s Profile – You’ll craft the exact words that name your “Right-Fit” client’s most urgent problems and needs, her deepest desires, and the solutions you provide for her. When you can name this for someone, you are able to meet them where they are, and they will clearly see you are the right coach for them! Simply understanding with crystal clarity who your Right-Fit Client is makes you a magnetic presence where your perfect clients are drawn to you, without you having to push or convince them.

  • Your Signature Story – You’ll receive support to masterfully articulate how you came to be doing the work you’re doing, your credibility, your vulnerability, and why it’s urgent that your clients take action now. You can even adapt this unique and inspiring narrative for webinars, talks, content, and networking events. Having a powerful Signature Story to share in these ways offers an unparalleled way to build trust and connection with your right-fit client, and will inspire them to say YES to you sooner.

  • A video endorsement from the world’s foremost authority on coaching women – That’s right, Claire’s going to endorse YOU! Upon certification, Claire will give you a video you can use on your website and in your webinars that explains the depth and value of the credibility and experience you’ve gleaned through your training at the Institute!

Custom Offer Suite

(Value Priceless!)

The winning formula that delivers extraordinary results for your clients, the right pace and lifestyle for your business to fulfill your mission, and allows you to thrive, consists of three components:

1. Offers – The right mix of offers to create a leveraged business…

2. Program Structure – The winning formulas & templates for each unique program structure, and…

3. Exercises – The transformational exercises to fill the programs and deliver extraordinary results.

First, you’ll be guided to design your unique mix of offerings that create maximum value for your clients and allows you to experience the greatest impact, prosperity and success from your work, based on your individual goals. You can add new offers at your own pace for the rest of your career.

  • Signature 1:1 Coaching Program
  • High-End 1:1 Coaching VIP Day
  • Renewal Coaching Program
  • Accelerator Group Coaching™ Program
  • Workshops – Evening + Weekend
  • Power Circles – Small Group Weekly Meetings
  • Retreats – Weekend 2-Day + High-End 7-Day

Then we’ll give you the exact Content Templates, Scripts & Structures you need to create and deliver each type of program with ease and clarity. These are the exact resources and templates Claire used to build her $100M Transformational Business — all you need to do is plug in your unique content!

Finally, you’ll get the Downloadable, Printable Transformational Exercises from Claire’s extensive library of Woman-Centered Exercises — informed by her 20+ years of research, and road-tested with more than 60,000 clients — to fill out your programs and deliver extraordinary transformational results! You’ll be able to walk your clients through the Woman-Centered Coaching Method for transformation with printed handouts for every step of their journey:

  • Identifying Her Hidden Barriers and New Story: *New!* The “Client-Facing” Personal Breakthrough Transformation Matrix (Value $2,000)

    Your client will walk away from her session with you with printable handouts of her False Identity, Power Statements to anchor her new story, and the unique Key Skills and Capacities to cultivate!

  • Unlocking Her Feminine Power: 70+ Coaching & Workshop Exercises to Catalyze Your Client to Become a Powerful Creator (Value $18,000)

    Once you’ve helped her identify her new story, your client will likely need to develop certain inner capacities to have the ability to create and sustain her Growth Pathway. For example…

    • If your client is disconnected from herself — you’ll give her the exact power practice she needs to identify her feelings and needs.
    • If your client can’t access her intuition — you’ll guide her through our power practice to reconnect her with her inner knowing in 2 minutes.
    • If your client feels too vulnerable to ask for help — you’ll coach her using our power practice that builds her comfort with receiving support.

  • Mapping Her Growth Pathway: Woman-Centered Coaches’ Playbooks with 70+ Coaching & Workshop Exercises to Get Rapid Results in Specific Areas of Application, including Relationships, Prosperity, Life-Purpose, Leadership, & More (Value $18,000)

    Traditional coaching methods allow you to identify what a client needs to do to change. Our proprietary Woman-Centered Playbooks are the difference maker from just knowing what she needs to do to prescribing the exact steps, exercises and practices that she needs to succeed.

    You’ll be able to use these exercises live in any of your program structures and give your clients printed handouts they can work with to follow through on their action commitments and develop their missing skills and capacities. Examples include:

    • The “Zone of Greatness” Life-Purpose Formula
    • The Relationship Reset Formula
    • The Million-Dollar Creativity Formula
    • The Self-Care 21-Day Roadmap

With these exercises in hand, your website can
be filled with success stories like this…

“After 10 years alone, I found the love of my life!”

“I literally tripled my income in a year!”

“I’ve been in pain for YEARS and now I’m a picture of health! I can’t believe it!”

Launch & Monetize Your Great Work

(Value $36,000)

This is how you bring your Great Work to the world and start being rewarded for your skills and talents… it’s a WIN/WIN… growing your income, while making the kind of impact you’ve always dreamed of!

8-Week Group Training & Group Coaching Program (Value $18,000)
Get the structure to get it done! In a fast-paced 8-week deep dive, you’ll follow a series of assignments to create assets for your Great Work offers and then get Claire & our Coaches’ support via weekly group coaching to get actionable feedback and bring them to completion.

Everyone works best on a deadline, so the final “Launch Week” is designed for our entire community to support one another and hold space for your epic launch into the world!

Finally, your great work will be unleashed!

Right-Fit Client Attraction System & 90-Day Success Plan (Value $18,000)
Once you’ve clarified your personal brand, created ready-to-market offers, and a right-fit client profile, it will be simple to identify the most leveraged platforms for you to connect with brand-new clients that are also match for your skills as a creator.

You’ll learn how to presence the value of working with you and invite her to move forward in a fully developed “funnel” that takes her step by step to an enrollment conversation with you!

We’ll give you a templated system that gives you the exact language and format to check all the boxes for powerful content: How to Stand Out, Create New Awarenesses, Build Connection, and Follow Up effectively on every key platform… along with social media posts for your first 90 days of branded content!

You can grow your audience through our step-by-step systems on the following platforms:

  • A Simple, Organic Networking Model
  • Social Media Platforms (Linked-In, Facebook, Instagram)
  • YouTube/Video Platforms
  • Podcasting / Blogging / Online Publishing
  • Speaking / Summit Gigs

Plus, you’ll be personally supported through the Launch Your Great Work section of the program with 3 Private Business Success Coaching Sessions. (Value $1,200)



EARLY ACCESS to our Accelerator
Group Coaching™ Program

(Value $20,000)

Learn the skills and steps to create, launch, and lead your first (or next) high-ticket group coaching program — even without an email list or any prior online marketing or enrollment experience. You’ll finish this training crystal-clear about the entire concept and with your high-value group coaching templates, an offer outline, and a clear launch roadmap.

Right-Fit Client Attraction Free Gift

(Value $1,000)

Every great offer begins with helping your right-fit client understand her problem in a new way and see how your offer is uniquely positioned to help her solve it. Our team of world-class marketers (who have created free gifts downloaded and enjoyed by over 3 million potential clients) will give you our proprietary templates for creating your own high-performing Free Gifts such as ebooks, reports and checklists.

Woman-Centered AI Prompts for Effortless, High-Value Content Creation

(Value $3,000)

AI is never going to replace your unique perspective, but coaches who know how to use the tool to grow their businesses and get clients will have an exceptional advantage as they’ll spend less time marketing and more time changing lives. We’ll give you access to our personal database of custom-crafted Woman-Centered AI prompts so you can effortlessly find the exact words to use to attract your clients and reduce your time crafting important communications, video scripts, social media posts, and webpages by 90%. This is a resource you can go back to every time you are working on a creative project for a boost of ideas and language. It’s like having a creative partner next to you 24/7.

Pay-in-Full Bonus

3 Additional Private Coaching Sessions

(Value $1,200)

Get even more support on your path from a Senior Coach with an additional 3 Private Coaching Sessions focused on either Personal Breakthrough Coaching or Business Success Coaching.

You’ll Receive over $235,000 in Training, Collaborative Learning Structures, and Resources…

Plus more than $45,000 in Bonus Gifts…

That’s a total value of over $280,000!

All you need to do to secure your place is SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT with an Institute Success Advisor and they can show you how our new program is designed to be the optimal structure to integrate your learnings as well as to accelerate your path forward.

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs, products and events. You can find our Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions about this program, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

What’s Possible With
Woman-Centered Coaching


Pauline O.

A health expert from Nairobi went from struggling to get clients, to having over 21 paying clients IN NINE MONTHS.

Her online page gained over 5,000 supporters in less than one year and she had more than 70 women reaching out directly to work with her – with no paid marketing.


Julie S.

Julie had never launched a program before, and she got clear on how to build a woman-centered course on prosperity. She generated over $100,000 in a six-month period.

It has allowed her to pursue her passion for wildlife photography outside of the corporate career she spent decades building.


Darcel S.

I was an entrepreneur who made several attempts to create a thriving business, but I consistently fell short and believed I was not worthy of success.

The training helped me shift my mindset by unlocking old patterns that kept me stuck. Since then, I've launched a group coaching program for parents of youth with autism and the impact has been priceless.


Patricia C.

Patricia had been working as a coach for years and getting less than ideal results for her clients.

In her words: "I thought I was pretty good at what I did, but I saw limited results. After I heard what you shared, I realized that there was something missing in the traditional coaching method I had been trained in."

When she applied WCC to her work, she saw her clients achieve stunning results.

She writes: "The methodology Claire has, I call it the Holy Grail. These skills have upleveled my ability to coach women in a way I truly never dreamed was possible."


Dr. Beatriz O.

As a Double-Board Certified Doctor and Professor at Yale, and a holistic endocrinologist with 30 years of experience, Dr. Beatriz O. knew that health transformation required more than just medicine.

Dr. Beatriz used Woman-Centered Coaching skills to help her patients evolve to the next level.

"If you know what question to ask women, then it just unlocks and catalyzes their potential. Developing Woman-Centered Coaching skills, and integrating this in your professional work, helps you be more effective and increases the kind of impact you can have."

And the transformation wasn't just limited to her clients... Now she's giving presentations to rooms with 500 doctors and getting standing ovations.


Callie E.

Callie was the CEO of a global corporation, and in her own words, she was still playing small:

"I was stepping into a new level of leadership in my life as a corporate CEO, and really stepping into a very complex playing field. As a woman in a powerful position, I needed tools to navigate the complexity inside of the boardroom. I found myself dumbing down, playing small, and not speaking my authentic truth.

"Then I started implementing Claire's practices and I discovered I did have the power to hold the space, and to make a difference. I couldn't have made it through the deals and negotiations if I didn't have these tools and practices to make myself visible and stop hiding."


Mona F.

Mona was struggling personally in a culture of family dynamics in India that made it feel impossible for her to live life on her own terms as an unmarried woman pursuing a career.

Woman-centered coaching methods changed Mona's personal experience, allowing her to build an incredible business for herself in the realm of finance.

And she actually made a breakthrough for her entire family's benefit, even after years of tension over her life choices. She was able to break a multi-generational struggle between her family and the Indian government to bring millions of dollars of profit to her family's business, after the leaders in her family had been unsuccessful for multiple decades.

Now she enjoys coaching famous Bollywood stars as her time allows, while prospering in all aspects of her life and businesses.

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