There’s a gut-wrenching “power-paradox” millions of women are finding themselves in….

On the one hand, we are feeling called to a much larger life, one of higher creativity, purpose, love, vitality, wellbeing, leadership, influence and impact….

Yet at the same time we also feel powerless or even helpless to create these things we yearn for!

And it’s painful and confusing, because we’re smart, conscious, caring women with more opportunities than any other generation in history–yet it feels like there’s “something more” that we can’t quite reach.

I call the experience of pain, confusion, depression of this gap “unsung song syndrome.”

Women from all walks of life are suffering from it.

Whether they’re coaches or mothers, artists or teachers, authors or high court judges– from producers and performers, to entrepreneurs and so many more.

I had one client who was literally a rocket scientist, who was suffering from the syndrome — this deep sense of “something more,” without clarity as to how to bring it forth.

However the truth is, our struggles come from the fact that we’ve been playing an unwinnable game.

Based on my past two decades of research, and work with the tens of thousands of women in my programs, I’ve discovered that the struggle you’ve been having is not your own fault or failure, but part of a much larger story of women awakening to their power.

And today, I want to invite you to see your own experience as part of this much larger story — so that you can see and discover the way out and through!

Let’s take a look at what the research has to say about this “Power Paradox.”

Women in the West today have truly become the most autonomous, free, independent, educated, and powerful generation in recorded history….

  • We’re being heralded as saviors of the global economy, having become decision makers with over a trillion dollars of annual spending power
  • We’re now the primary breadwinners in many American households
  • We’re even graduating in higher numbers from college than men
  • We also have the freedom to create any kind of relationship we want to have in our lives . . .from marriage to living together to having multiple partners
  • We’ve been launching businesses at a higher rate than men for years now . . . 3 times higher than men
  • Women in leadership positions in corporations create success at higher levels on every measure
  • We also comprise the majority in self-development programs, and spiritual communities
  • The Dalai Lama even prophesied that WE “Western women are going to save the world.”

There’s a sense that something big is possible . . . we have a grand calling and great destiny.

Although we’re the most educated, powerful generations of women in history, and studies are showing that we’re less happy, and more lonely and depressed than we’ve ever been . . .

  • Over 20% of women are on antidepressants (not counting those of us who feel unhappy and unfulfilled and are not on antidepressants).  
  • 5 percent of us have an unhealthy relationship with food or our bodies, and when you count those of us who complain about our thighs, that figure goes up to about 98%.
  • Studies are showing that as many as 50% of us are living alone, and those who do have partners, surprisingly, are having way less sex than our grandmothers!
  • 6 out of 10 women of experience overwhelming financial stress—many to the point where we can’t sleep at night—and not sleeping is the #1 cause of chronic illness!
  • And even though we are starting businesses at higher rates a staggering 95% of us never break through the six-figure barrier, or go on to have the larger impact we want to have, or make the contributions we desire to make.

What the %$#& is going on here?!?!

Why is it that in spite of all of the accomplishments and skills that we have, that we still struggle to realize our potential?

For the last 50 years, women have been embracing and mastering a Masculine system of Power.

When you look up the word “power” in the dictionary, you’ll see it defined as “to do, to act, to accomplish, to make things happen,” and even: “to exert force over others!”

The very way we conceive of power in our world and culture at large is a Masculine system sourced from logical, linear, strategic thinking.

This kind of power is valuable and useful for a certain set of things.

For anything that is predictable and controllable, anything you can create with a step-by-step plan, the Masculine power system is definitely the way to go!

Something historic and unprecedented is happening for millions of women on the planet.

We are leading a new stage of evolution.

You know you’re a part of this historic and world-changing group of women, because deep down you feel an impulse to reach higher.

You don’t just want to survive.

Nor do you want to achieve for achievement’s sake (even though you know you deserve to make a prosperous living and have successful life)!

You sense you have greatness within you and feel a burning yearning to become all you can be.

I call this yearning the impulse to realize your DESTINY.

It’s the DESTINY of an acorn to become an oak tree.

It’s the DESTINY of a rose seed to become a rose.

We don’t simply want to succeed where men have succeeded, nor do we want to go back to traditional female roles of staying home and raising a family. Combining these two into some elusive “work-life balance,” doesn’t cut it for many of us, either.

For the first time in human history, women on masse have the freedom to connect with their deepest yearnings– for creative fulfillment, for love, for authentic self-confidence, for making a meaningful impact.

And while there’s a long way to go with gender equality, and having access to the same social power (that #metoo and #timesup address) there’s something even bigger happening right now for millions of us.

We are aligning with A NEW NORTH STAR— Self-Actualization.

We want to become authentically confident and visible; to create loving, growth-oriented relationships’ discover our purpose; feel at home, healthy  & vital in our bodies; to create prosperous careers aligned with our values; manifest our desires for fun, adventure and play; awaken spiritually–in short, we want to fully become the women we were born to be!

If humanity is like a pot filled with kernels of popcorn on the fire, we’re among the first to pop — we’re ‘early poppers’!

So, I INVITE you to see yourself as a pioneer,  you’re a trailblazer, dare I even say a visionary!

Even if you don’t see yourself this way —- you’re feeling the impulse to REACH HIGHER without really having a choice about it.

You’ve had a lot of courage to leave behind the known world, or to not follow traditional paths, and align with your soul’s calling, even in the midst of struggles and challenges:

If you’re struggling with finances, it’s not because you can’t get just get a job — it’s because you’re to seeking to find a way to make a living aligned with your values.

If you’re struggling with relationships,  it’s not because you can’t find “someone: to just procreate with — you’re wanting a much greater possibility of intimacy with a true soulmate, someone who can “meet you on all levels.”

If you’re struggling with health challenges and self-care — paradoxically it may be because your circle of care has expanded beyond yourself and even your family to our larger world, and it’s hard to know how to prioritize meeting all the needs you’re serving.

If you’re struggling to find your purpose — it’s likely because you have so many gifts and options, there are so many things you’re gifted at but

These are NEW PROBLEMS pointing to new opportunities at this new level of self-actualization.

The real problem at this new level is that masculine system of power doesn’t work, which is why we feel powerless to create the the things we’re now most yearning for— none of these things can be created exclusively with a power system that’s based on control and  analysis, and logical, linear thinking, nor can they be executed with a step-by-step strategic plan.

To do that, we need another system of power—a Feminine system—a system that’s intuitive, creative and magnetic, and which enables us to create those things that can’t be created solely through strategic thinking alone, or managed and controlled using a step-by-step plan.

When I discovered this, I made it my mission to discover how to awaken this new Feminine system of power.

And it totally transformed my own life, and the lives of tens of thousands of women…

I’m honored to have had the chance to guide many thousands of women to awaken their Feminine Power, and have created the most effective, research-based training to support you to gain the this power– the power you need to manifest and create at the level of self-actualization.

Discover how you can begin to Unlock Feminine Power in your own life and download the Feminine Power Breakthrough ebook here.